CrowdOptic Broadcasting Google Glass Product


  • CNBC Interview with Jon Fisher and Ray Lane CrowdOptic on CNBC, with Ray Lane
    Execs Discuss Google Glass in the Enterprise
  • CNBC Interview with Jon Fisher and Ray Lane Ray Lane on Google Glass Partner
    "This is a profound change"
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    On Glass Debut and the Future of Google Glass
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    Luminato Festival, Toronto, Canada
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    Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, CA

In the News

Ray Lane on Google Glass partner: 'This is a profound change'
CNBC - July 18, 2014
CrowdOptic CEO Jon Fisher and investor Ray Lane talk to Jane Wells about how the company's technology works with Google Glass to stream video ...more

Google Glass App Developers Await Big News At I/O Conference
ABC News - June 24, 2014
It was Jon Fisher's love of the water that gave him the idea for CrowdOptic, an app that lets users point their phones at something and see the view from other cameras ...more

Surgery with Google Glass at UCSF bringing HIPAA compliance at a glance
9to5Google - June 11, 2014
Last week, CrowdOptic, a company that makes video streaming software for wearable devices, announced a partnership with UCSF in hopes of improving patient care and physician training. The first set of tests will involve recording surgeries ...more