CrowdOptic Intersect™

Intelligent live streaming through the real-time analysis and delivery of video, IoT sensor data, and biometrics at the network edge.

First Responder

First Responders

Ruggedized servers are installed in police, fire and rescue vehicles to run CrowdOptic Intersect™ from the field. Live video layered with line of sight data is streamed to the cloud to give command centers the ability to contribute real-time support and forensic analysis.


Sports and Fitness

World-class coaches and trainers use CrowdOptic Intersect™ and CrowdOptic Eye™ devices for training athletes remotely, combining live interactive streaming with in-session analysis of device sensor and biometric data to create a real-time, science-based fitness regime.


Medical Procedures

CrowdOptic Intersect™ is a cost-effective means to connect live procedures to remote colleagues and students. Video and IoT data from multiple devices across multiple locations converge onto a single web page, eliminating the need for costly integrated systems.

CrowdOptic Eye

CrowdOptic Eye™

Loaded with Sensors

CrowdOpitc Eye Video

The CrowdOptic Eye™ is as versatile as you need it to be. Watch how GPS, compass and magnetometer literally put CrowdOptic Eye™ on the map.

Featured Clients

Denver Broncos
National Bioskills Laboratories
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Case Studies

The Labs
National Bioskills Laboratories

HPE logo
Houston Chronicle - August 14, 2017
Houston lab working to connect the internet's many dots

The San Francisco-based company has created algorithms that detect what direction cameras are being pointed. It allows customers to then jump between different video feeds to view different perspectives ...more

The Silicon Review logo
The Silicon Review - May 15, 2017
CrowdOptic: A first mover in HPE' Edgeline Appliance Program is aiming to create solutions in "the IoT and theIntelligent Edge"

CrowdOptic, a company headquartered in California uses real-time sensor data from electronic devices and its own patented CrowdOptic algorithms to identify and track where devices are aimed (focus) ...more

The Incubator
The Incubator - August 23, 2017
This Is What Real Disruption Looks Like (a Must-Read for Startups)

Founded in 2011 by three Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, CrowdOptic provides an enterprise platform that enables intelligent video live-streaming from mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. CrowdOptic’s algorithms can detect what direction cameras are being pointed to identify targets of common interest, both moving and fixed. ...more

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HPE Edgeline Innovation Network

The HPE Edgeline Innovation Network is a formal appliance and solution development program. Collaborating with third parties and including their unique content, Edgeline Converged Edge Systems offerings are created and optimized at an accelerated pace ...more