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CrowdOptic Announces 10,000th Google Glass Live-Stream and Annual Renewals for UCSF Medical Center, Denver Broncos, a Fortune 500 Medical Device Company, and One of the Largest Traffic Police Forces in the World

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - April 19, 2016 - CrowdOptic today announced the successful completion of its 10,000th live-stream using Google Glass for enterprise use cases, marking a significant milestone in the company’s deployment history.

CrowdOptic also confirmed today the renewal of annual software licenses for its major clients including one of the world’s largest medical device companies, as well as UCSF Medical Center, Denver Broncos, and Futton, Inc. Futton represents one of the largest traffic police forces in the world. These four clients alone represent approximately $1.5 million in contract bookings to date for CrowdOptic across their multi-year productions.

“These renewals provide further evidence of CrowdOptic’s proliferation in four key verticals—medical technology, hospitals, sports and entertainment, and first responders,” remarked Jim Kovach, CrowdOptic’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “Enterprise live-streaming from wearable and other peripheral devices in each of these industries has never been in higher demand than it is today.”

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