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CrowdOptic Taps Into Smartphone Usage by Fans at Live Events

San Francisco, CA (June 28, 2011) -Silicon Valley technology company CrowdOptic lets fans in-venue get more connected to the live action at events by pointing their smartphones at an athlete or performer and viewing real-time information about the target, such as exclusive invitations, coaching insight, stats, ticket discounts, marketing promotions and much more.

CrowdOptic's technology senses which activities are being most watched, photographed and videoed by the crowd at any given moment and gives the enterprise a powerful platform to monetize these insights in real time during the live event. The CrowdOptic system tracks viewing patterns and photo and video sharing activity in real time, providing quantifiable data regarding what the crowd finds most compelling at any given moment.

"CrowdOptic is a breakthrough application in the Augmented Reality space," said Brent Iadarola, Industry Analyst, Mobile Communications with Frost & Sullivan. "Without changing anything fundamental about the fan experience, CrowdOptic allows us to point our phones at people and instantly acquire almost limitless information about them."

Regarding CrowdOptic, Investor Ian Sobieski of Band Of Angels states that "CrowdOptic's ability to identify what individuals in crowds are independently focusing on is amazing and unique. The technology opens a new dimension of possibility for enhancing live events. We loved it for the groovy technology and its eventual must-have functionality that promises a great investment return."

CrowdOptic's augmented reality display appears live in the mobile phone's camera viewer and also becomes a permanent part of the photograph or video, capturing all relevant information and promotions instantly. Therefore, offers and messages can be shared - and can spread virally - through photo and video sharing by fans. This gives the enterprise a treasure trove of behavioral data on how viral offers are spread by live event spectators to their social networks and how their responses to marketing campaigns correspond to their interests.

Scheduled to become available at national sporting events this July, the CrowdOptic technology first debuted at the launch of the Moon Express Lunar Lander in April, 2011. Said Dr. Robert Richards, CEO at Moon Express, "We are pleased that live spectators at our launch were able to experience a (rocket) launch in this new way, visually enhanced by technology that provides every spectator with the same up- to-the-moment status updates that we see through our own communications equipment. With CrowdOptic, every spectator can receive a picture of our rocket the moment it breaks a launch milestone."

About CrowdOptic
CrowdOptic is an Augmented Reality and real-time crowd behavior monitoring technology that is enhancing the live, in-venue fan experience. Our proprietary technology enables people watching an event to simply point their smartphone at a moving object and have information broadcast back to them. CrowdOptic is a privately-held company based in San Francisco, CA, and co-founded by entrepreneur Jon Fisher. For more information, visit www.crowdoptic.com.

Press Contact:
Danielle Cole

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