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Across industries from healthcare to field service, CrowdOptic™ is leveraging smart device technology to empower people in the workplace. Our technology is energizing sports broadcasts, improving healthcare, even reducing field support costs in the enterprise.
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CrowdOptic's technology is protected by U.S. Patent 8,527,340, U.S. Patent 9,020,832, U.S. Patent 9,264,474, Australia Patent No. 2012225536, Japan Patent No. 5530572,
Japan Patent No. 5775196, Korea Patent No. 10-1383238, Canadian Patent No. 2,829,597, China Patent No. ZL 201280020614.5, plus six U.S. and three international patents pending.


CrowdOptic in Field Service CrowdOptic in Field Service

Remote Service and Customer Support

Companies that service complex technical equipment in the field use CrowdOptic to aid their field operations through remote video support.


Remote video support through smart glasses Google Glass makes it possible to bring in multiple experts virtually to consult on complex cases and often eliminate the need for costly onsite visits.


Hands-free video streaming and 8x zoom Ideal for sophisticated hardware and heavy infrastructure repair, CrowdOptic allows hands free operation, including a powerful zoom feature that activates through head movement.


Aggregation via a dashboard CrowdOptic allows many remote experts to aggregate their video feeds at once and simulcast live from many different locations.


Integration with existing technology CrowdOptic layers seamlessly with existing field force automation software and mobile platforms used to support workers in the field.

CrowdOptic in Healthcare CrowdOptic in Healthcare

Safely Sharing Sensitive Information


At leading healthcare institutions, CrowdOptic is improving teaching, collaboration and emergency response through live streaming smart glass video.


First responders and ER CrowdOptic allows attending ER physicians to observe patients inside the ambulance in route to a hospital by sharing the point of view of the emergency technician broadcasting live and hands-free through a wearable device like Google Glass


Surgeons and trainees CrowdOptic enables smart glass wearers to simply aim at another device to inherit its point of view. Surgeons and their trainees can wear Google Glass powered by CrowdOptic to see through the eyes of one another during surgeries.


Remote care through telemedicine Caregivers can observe patients through Glass at home and in remote locations in order to discharge patients earlier and reduce re-admittance to healthcare facilities.


HIPAA Compliance and auto-authentication With CrowdOptic, real-time video is pre-authenticated and established HIPAA compliant


Case Study: ProTransport-1 Medical Transport Company

CrowdOptic in Sports CrowdOptic in Sports

Sports and Live Event Broadcasting


CrowdOptic is used by dozens of sports franchises to enhance the in-game experience for fans in the stadium and at home.


Captivating audiences with Google Glass broadcasts CrowdOptic enables real-time video streaming from Google Glass to scoreboards, TV and social media, powered by the industry’s most sophisticated wearable broadcasting technology.


Extraordinary views through Google Glass Glass Cams show courtside views through the eyes of players, staff, referees, and even celebrities


Live crowdsourcing The best live action video, curated on a dashboard, enhances TV camera angles with one-of-a-kind coverage


Device engagement analytics CrowdOptic’s patented clustering algorithms analyze where every smart device in the stadium is aimed in real time


Glass-to-Glass view sharing CrowdOptic lets device wearers inherit each other’s views with just a look


CrowdOptic in Security CrowdOptic in Security

Mobile Streaming for Increased Security


Enterprise security teams are improving crowd control and streamlining their documentation and verification steps – all with the simple and intuitive Google Glass technology powered by CrowdOptic.


More eyes on the crowd With CrowdOptic’s “see what I see” technology, security agents can readily share Google Glass streaming camera views with each other, as they coordinate their responses to potential incidents.


Enhanced visibility Agents can spot clusters of crowd attention on a computer dashboard as a way to hone in on (and pinpoint the location of) potential incidents


Instant video documentation and verification CrowdOptic instantly analyzes and filters all Glass views by their location in the stadium. Agents can call up real-time video associated with an incident with the push of a button.