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CrowdOptic Meets Skywalker: Cool Technology Launches With An Exclusive Approach To PR
Forbes - August 9, 2016

In the coolness factor department, CrowdOptic is hard to beat. The "middleware for wearables" provider has developed a way to identify video by the object the device is looking at, as opposed to the source. ...more

Business Insider
Business Insider - July 10, 2016

"CrowdOptic, which makes a technology so cool that we've never seen anything like it. We've seen a demo of the tech and it is extremely promising." - Business Insider

It's software used with smart glasses that allows you to look through walls, around corners, and otherwise see things that your ordinary vision can't view...more

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Denver Broncos test Sony SmartEyeglass to give fans a visual remote
Sony Developer World - July 1, 2016

The Broncos partnered with Sony and CrowdOptic, who have created a technology that allows fans at live sporting events to enjoy a whole new dimension of the game using Sony SmartEyeglass...more

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CrowdOptic Launches a New Smart Eye Device
Tech.Co - April 8, 2016

Now (CrowdOptic) brings new hardware to the industry, in the form of the CrowdOptic Eye, a streaming device that will adapt to meet the needs of any environment. A user can simply push a button and live stream from anywhere. ...more

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CrowdOptic launches its own hardware as other Glass at Work partners seemingly dying
9 to 5 Google - March 14, 2016

CrowdOptic, widely known as one of the larger and more successful of the dozen-or-so Glass at Work partners, has today announced its first in-house developed hardware product. The CrowdOptic Eye...more

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How to Turn Community Into Strategic Customers
Forbes - January 11, 2016

If you’re looking to convert your average community member into a raving, loyal fan who will spend years supporting your business ...more

How the cutting edge of virtual reality is making the real world seem boring
Washington Post - October 22, 2015

A Silicon Valley start-up, CrowdOptic, has built and deployed software that can process multiple video streams from people wearing Google Glass to learn what they are focusing on and observing ...more

Google Glass Comes to Doctor’s Office Near You as Upgrade Looms
Bloomberg - August 20, 2015

A few weeks ago, a New Zealand doctor donned Google Glass and beamed video of an aortic surgery to the U.S. offices of medical device maker Endologix Inc ...more

Western Thoracic Surgical Association
iPads, Google Glass helping save lives at Nemours
The News Journal - July 13, 2015

(Nemours) is looking to further extend its doctors' virtual reach past the emergency room and directly into ambulances and helicopters. Starting this month, three transport nurses are testing out the effectiveness of Google Glass ...more

Western Thoracic Surgical Association
Inheriting the Learner's View: A Wearable Computing Platform for Improving Surgical Trainee Performance
Western Thoracic Surgical Association - 41st Annual Meeting

The Google (Mountain View, Ca) Glass wearable computing platform running proprietary software from CrowdOptic (San Francisco, Ca) was utilized for creation of the wearable surgical visualization system. Both the learner and trainer wore Glass devices and video was streamed from the learner’s Glass unit in real-time to the trainer ...more