Intelligent Live Streaming

CrowdOptic® technology for the enterprise helps partners scale live streaming and analytics across a wide range of smart devices and cameras.

Wearable Application Management

This class of software is designed to manage application software running on wearable devices, such as Google Glass. Features and capabilities are easily controlled through a secure web interface.

Wearable Device Management

This class of software is designed to track, control, and upgrade wearable device software remotely, providing flexibility to set global preferences and manage the lifecycle of each device individually.

Authentication and Access

CrowdOptic utilizes an easy to use role-based access control (RBAC) model that enables partners to manage user privileges and access to hardware and software in the system.

Magnifying Glass and Analytics

Patented Analytics

CrowdOptic unlocks capabilities by analyzing data within the live streaming ecosystem. Through understanding device sensors, users can connect and interact with each other in real-time based on where their devices are aimed, and by examining device streaming and connection performance the best video from multiple feeds can be determined on the fly.

Real-Time Clusters

CrowdOptic® technology is protected by U.S. Patent 8,527,340, U.S. Patent 9,020,832, U.S. Patent 9,264,474, Australia Patent No. 2012225536, Australia Patent No. 2013257431, Japan Patent No. 5530572, Japan Patent No. 5775196, Korea Patent No. 10-1383238, Canada Patent No. 2,829,597, China Patent No. ZL 201280020614.5, plus 13 additional U.S. and international patents pending.