Zoom Blog
Virtual Care, Training, and Support Go High-Tech With AI Livestreaming Over Zoom
Zoom Blog - June 10, 2021

The medical industry, already known for rapid innovation, moved at lightning speed to implement new ways of delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom has been the solution of choice for medical device companies ...more

INternational Business Times
One of Biden Administration’s Top Fundraisers Could Have ‘Antidote’ to COVID-19 Hospital Shutdowns
IBTimes - November 23, 2020

Perhaps one of the more pressing questions is how we can heal our country, specifically those relationships throughout Silicon Valley ...more

Innovation & Tech Today
Transforming Online Learning During Coronavirus: How Some Companies Are Taking An Innovative Approach
Forbes - August 14, 2020

How about employees who must undergo training before starting their jobs, or professionals seeking continuing education? When the pandemic first struck ...more

Entrepreneur Magazine
3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Maintain Balance
Entrepreneur - March 23, 2020

All in all, the best serial entrepreneurs aren’t solely driven by money. They also enjoy the challenges that lead to success, and get a thrill out of processes such as product development and the creation and unification of teams ...more

Resident Magazine
Jon Fisher Living His Best Family and Financial Life
Resident - November 4, 2019

Jon is deeply dedicated to ensuring that he does all he can to make the world a better place for his 9-year old daughter is the true measure of success. After cofounding and becoming CEO of three startups ...more

The Next Web
NEC Australia to offer real-time video facial recognition
ZDNet - December 13, 2017

With video captured using fixed and mobile camera sensors in body cams, smartphones, and drones, NEC Australia customers can use the company's new facial recognition platform in real time ...more

HPE logo
Houston lab working to connect the internet's many dots
Houston Chronicle - August 14, 2017

The San Francisco-based company has created algorithms that detect what direction cameras are being pointed. It allows customers to then jump between different video feeds to view different perspectives ...more

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HPE Edgeline Innovation Network

The HPE Edgeline Innovation Network is a formal appliance and solution development program. Collaborating with third parties and including their unique content, Edgeline Converged Edge Systems offerings are created and optimized at an accelerated pace ...more

Author of 'Strategic Entrepreneurialism' says team cohesiveness leads to innovation
Motherboard - Novermber 7, 2016

Fisher and his team assembled a new form of triangulation algorithm that CrowdOptic patented and that would later be put to use in applications ranging from tracking a NASA lunar lander to introducing the Department of Defense to augmented reality technology that it has prototyped for Special Ops forces...more

Forbes logo
Special Ops Testing Of Augmented Reality Confirms New B2B Opportunities
Forbes - October 12, 2016

CrowdOptic and Sofwerx will deploy technology that proves the gaming industry is more in touch with reality than we might have imagined. And this technology is spilling over into the business sector with surprising speed...more

Inc. Logo
Entrepreneurs Are Getting Creative About Solving Global Problems
Inc. - September 6, 2016

If you haven't heard of CrowdOptic yet, it won't be long before you do. This prolific team of engineers is putting their brains together to help first responders (and other professionals) do their jobs better. Through instant GPS coordinates and verification of what people are looking at with their smartphones, CrowdOptic provides a live streaming device that adapts to any environment...more

marin Magazine Logo
A Man of the Future
Marin Magazine - August 29, 2016

“The understanding of where a device is pointed will help us fight catastrophes caused by things like bad weather and fire.” Indeed, that’s already happening — the technology has been picked up by a wide range of institutions ...more

Forbes Logo
CrowdOptic Meets Skywalker: Cool Technology Launches With An Exclusive Approach To PR
Forbes - August 9, 2016

In the coolness factor department, CrowdOptic is hard to beat. The "middleware for wearables" provider has developed a way to identify video by the object the device is looking at, as opposed to the source. ...more

Business Insider
A fascination with Oracle made this founder rich, and now he's invented a way to look through walls
Business Insider - July 10, 2016

It's software used with smart glasses that allows you to look through walls, around corners, and otherwise see things that your ordinary vision can't view...more

How the cutting edge of virtual reality is making the real world seem boring
Washington Post - October 22, 2015

A Silicon Valley start-up, CrowdOptic, has built and deployed software that can process multiple video streams from people wearing Google Glass to learn what they are focusing on and observing ...more

Google Glass Comes to Doctor’s Office Near You as Upgrade Looms
Bloomberg - August 20, 2015

A few weeks ago, a New Zealand doctor donned Google Glass and beamed video of an aortic surgery to the U.S. offices of medical device maker Endologix Inc ...more