Live, Interactive Maps

CrowdOptic® layers video, line of sight data, and device sensor analytics on to maps in real time to reveal where the crowd is looking.

Any Device. Any Event.

Build a custom array of cameras, smart phones and wearables on the CrowdOptic Interactive Streaming platform.

Live Streaming Devices

CrowdOptic live streaming software brings live video and two-way audio over Wi-Fi and LTE.

CrowdOptic Eye

CrowdOptic Eye™

CrowdOptic now has a streaming device that will adapt to meet the needs of any environment. Simply push a button to live stream video and two-way audio.

  • 1080p and 720p @ 30fps
  • 200ms latency
  • Up to 10+ hours of streaming
  • 5MP camera (can be configured with variety of lenses)
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE
  • 5V external power supply (optional onboard battery)
  • GPS
  • Compass
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Can be placed virtual anywhere
  • Wireless two-way audio headset
Real-Time Clusters

CrowdOptic® technology is protected by U.S. Patent 8,527,340, U.S. Patent 9,020,832, U.S. Patent 9,264,474, Australia Patent No. 2012225536, Australia Patent No. 2013257431, Japan Patent No. 5530572, Japan Patent No. 5775196, Korea Patent No. 10-1383238, Canada Patent No. 2,829,597, China Patent No. ZL 201280020614.5, plus 13 additional U.S. and international patents pending.